The Rally Sport brand was born in 2007 in order to offer brake parts with high quality standards, safety and durability, forging a living and effective commitment to the clients. It arises from two generations of specialists with experience in brakes and the need to create a product of the highest quality.

Rally Sport, is a reliable and loyal brand with its customers, with a fair price-value ratio, giving advice and unconditional support, with continuity in inventories, developing a behavior of loyalty to the brand.Also It has a team motivated to give its best to create high performance products in the area of brakes. It is developed under Canadian technology and is produced within the highest quality parameters, with four international seals certifying it

Rally Sport is defined as a dynamic and vibrant brand, radiating movement, safety, durability and comfort. It generates precise braking in wet and dry environments, caused by its precise coefficient of friction.

In 2015, with ceramic pads was created to meet the needs of the light vehicle market. It also refreshes the brand's image with a new logo and better packaging.

As well in 2016, Rally Sport expands its portfolio diversifying into other products that complement the brake system, such as the Disc, Linings and Rolls. Currently Rally Sport, has a portfolio of more than 300 products, providing assistance and certified quality. Consolidating in the market with the range of Pads, brake shoes Pumps, Cylinders, Discs, brake linings and Rolls.

30 Years of experience

We are the brand with the best brake products for light and heavy vehicles, Canadian formula and increased strength.

With more than 30 years of experience, present in the United States and Latin America.

We are Quality, we are trustworthy, we are leaders in the market.

We are Rally Sport.